REXAL Products

The following catalogs are in french, we are working on the translation for our english speakers markets.


It is a system of Jalousie (called Security in the Antilles) that can be placed in single chassis or continuous panels and of course in a framework, a REXAL innovation, allowing to intervene on a frame already implemented by simple


It is a complete system for roller shutters including: extruded blades ranging from a step from 44mm to 77mm and can be openwork or micro-perforated. backstage for mini consoles, standard consoles or


It is a complete system for sliding gates or doors and fences in harmony with these portals, with the same profile as the latter. This system includes pre-machined, pre-cut profiles and so willing to be assembled


It is a system for sliding chassis which goes from the frame to brick facing to the chassis slide to 8 leaves with the C6004 (sleeping for 4 rails). It is a system that has both rails with